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    AMT Weekly Meeting - May 19th 2022

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    Asset Managers Tech Weekly Update - May 12th 2022

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    Buy-side Global Healthcare - May 5th 2022

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    Weekly Update from Asset Managers Tech - April 28th 2022

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    Learn About the ABC's of Technology & Regulatory Policy

    Click here to read our Founding Principles.

    AMT is a start up trade group that is principally focused on buy-side technology including educational activities that are beneficial to long only & alternative investment managers.

    We review & comment on new tech driven regulatory rules & trends

    Contact Joe Sack, Spokesperson, jsack@assetmanagers.tech

    We Specialize in Small Peer Group Sessions

    Commitment to Fiduciary Duty

    Today's new technologies can be used by asset managers to foster the interests of ultimate investors in stocks & bonds & other related instruments.

  • Member Driven Committee Structure Run By Today’s Tech-savvy Senior Managers

    AMT's Assessment of Regulation and Technology

    Joe Sack

    President & Co-Founder

    Joe has been a leader in the Wall Street community for decades. He has taken AMT to a new level by combining asset managers' policy goals with the global AI & Blockchain movement.

    Toby Lewis


    Toby Lewis, CEO of Novum Insights, is a data scientist and an entrepreneur. He is globally recognized for his work in the field of determining rankings of the top new technology developers. He is AMT's tech leader.

  • "Crowd" Membership Means Asset Managers Tech Collaborates With All Firms & Trade Groups

    AMT feels its resources should be shared with members of other financial trade groups. Our work is available to all!

    How To Embrace Today's “New” Technologies & Retain Your Firm's Buy-side Culture

    AMT''s top priority relates to formulating the ABC's of Technology. We feel this alphabet is a work in progress. We welcome creativity!

    Co-founders Joe Sack and Toby Lewis produce Webcasts and Q&A docs, and these are available to your firm.

    We establish a dialogue with regulators & they maintain continuity with leading financial industry executives regarding tech policy issues.

    Apply for membership

    Download the application form here and send the completed form to jsack@assetmanagers.tech.

  • Trade Group Services For Long Only Firms and Alternative Investment Managers

    AMT Will Help You Tailor Blockchain & AI Innovations to Your Unique Business Activities


    Industry Needs

    Form a small group and think about opportunities for traders and PMs, then simultaneously visit with your IT folks and introduce the dynamics of the new technologies.


    Tech Developers

    It is essential that you and your group connect with a developer. Simply determine a feasibility assessment of your top opportunity and if you establish viable goals, go for it.


    Delineating Issues

    At this point, it is essential to touch base with folks in your C-suite and obtain their views regarding regulatory considerations and whether to engage open-minded clients!

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    To Members of Asset Managers Tech and the Industry:  Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. is Medical Adviser to Asset Managers Tech (AMT), a not-for-profit group covering the Pandemic, Climate Disclosure, and other Medical Science-driven industry initiatives.   Dr. Stan points out that COVID is still...
    April 29, 2022 · buyside technology,asset managers tech,Covid-19,Vaccines
    View our trade group’s brief video update! AMT’s Dr. Stanley Zaborowski underscores benefits of U.S. higher coronavirus immunity levels.Our top staff official, Joe Sack, commends investors over the age of 50 for meeting tech challenges associated with getting through the pandemic. WE WELCOME...
    April 21, 2022 · buyside technology,asset managers tech,Covid-19,Climate Change,Ukraine
      Join our 10 minute AMT Zoom Meeting – Today, Thursday, April 21st. at 9:00 am ET – CLICK HERE ASSET MANAGERS TECH (AMT)AMT is a trade group that works with investment firms & fosters the interests of investors. Assuming the pandemic becomes less taxing on all of us relatively soon, AMT’s...
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