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ABOUT Asset Managers Tech

Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is a trade group founded in mid-2018 by several experienced financial services executives who also previously served as decision-makers at other well-established trade associations

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ABOUT ASSET MANAGERS TECH - Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is a trade group founded in mid-2018 by several experienced financial services executives who also previously served as decision-makers at other well-established trade associations. AMT is principally focused on member education and industry-wide investment management technology trends. In this regard, AMT's buy-side industry members have prioritized two pivotal aspects of Modern Technology: first, the potential to use algorithmic-driven innovations coupled with Cloud Computing resources, for instance, to acquire and immediately process new, ready to use investment or transaction-oriented data; and secondly, the value of encouraging investment management industry leaders to learn from each other about the on-going potential of Modern Technology. AMT has found that there are no manuals available to describe the "new paradigms" relating to Modern Technology, it all moves too quickly.

ASSET MANAGERS TECH RELIES ON MODERN TRADE GROUP MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. We encourage leading Big Tech service providers, top tier asset managers, regulated global clearing organizations, and even traditional trade associations to propose joint ventures with AMT. Our start up resources are available to these types of firms, so that the advantages of Modern Tech can be disseminated more broadly to investment managers and others. In effect, we allow the rights of membership in AMT to "flow through" the above-described firms to their own clients.

AMT'S TRADE GROUP CONTEXT IS GEAERED TOWARD INVESTORS' INTERESTS AND IS VERY BROAD. We also maintain a consistent dialogue with Washington policy makers; and vigorously cover operations, disaster recovery, custodians and valuation and other service providers in significant detail. Asset Managers Tech is aware of all new developments relating to Modern Technology (including those involving AI) that are designed to foster the interests of investors. We encourage free and open discussion of all new industry-wide Tech opportunities by financial services professionals engaged in AMT - then participants in our rich AMT undertakings can subsequently elect to develop their own ideas to enhance the culture and activities of their respective firms. ESG is also fundamentally tech-driven. Accordingly, AMT is pleased to foster efforts to promote industry-wide ESG technology and wholeheartedly considers environmental sustainability to be one of its top tier trade group objectives. We intend to address ESG & Tech in our forthcoming Investment Managers C-Suite Handbook. Importantly, we welcome the opportunity to establish joint initiatives with other trade groups, including relevant associations outside the U.S. Finally, AMT believes its activities are also potentially helpful to its members and participants regarding buy-side REGTECH analysis; and we wholeheartedly support the spirit of cooperation in the industry between and among Investment Professionals and Tech Developers.

JOSEPH SACK IS A CO-FOUNDER OF AMT AND SERVES AS AMT'S PRESIDENT. He previously served as General Counsel of the Public Securities Association, EVP of The Bond Market Association and Managing Director of the Asset Management Group at SIFMA. Petra Johansson serves as AMT's Director of Conferences and Marketing. Asset Managers Tech has benefited from the deep-rooted support of its five co-founding firms: Natixis Investment Managers; PNC Capital Advisors; State Street Global Advisors (2019); Alston & Bird; and Novum Insights.

Asset Managers Tech is incorporated in the U.S. as a not for profit trade group under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


March 3rd AMT Webcast: 

Access the live webcast at 10 am ET on 3/11 here. Password to login is AMTECH. Dial in details: US TOLL FREE +1-855-749-4750 * US TOLL +1-415-655-0001 * Access code: 664 180 493