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AMT submitted a comment letter on RegTech to FINRA on Nov. 30th

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AMT Comments On RegTech White Paper

ASSET MANAGERS TECH (AMT) SENDS REGTECH VIEWS TO FINRA – AMT indicated in its 11/30 comment letter that FINRA’s REGTECH initiative, which considers whether new technology such as Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence are in sync with existing securities industry rules, will likely facilitate a broad and beneficial discussion of technology by leading asset management professionals. AMT emphasized that more dialogue about technology products will help market participants with establishing their own frame of reference regarding today’s new tech movement.

In related matter, SEC Chair Jay Clayton recently voiced support for the principle that Blockchain should be consistent with existing securities regulations, rather than the other way around. Chairman Clayton made this comment during an 11/29 interview in NYC with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin sponsored by The New York Times.

For more information about our comment letter concerning RegTech, please visit our Website at . AMT is a not for profit trade group.

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Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

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