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AMT the Trade Association, an Intermediary for Technologists

AMT, a not for profit group, has spent considerable time developing this unique service

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Asset Managers Tech (AMT), an Intermediary for Your Technologists - Financial services trade groups have always been intermediaries. They serve as honest brokers between the industry and regulators, as well as the Hill. Today, AMT's resources are being used by asset managers as a bridge between their own In-house Technologists in IT and a firm's Board or C-suite Executives.

AMT, a not for profit group, has spent considerable time developing this unique service. These resources have been developed over the course of the past year by investment management firms seeking answers to questions such as how to provide enhanced investment services for clients and simultaneously reduce buy-side costs. This effort is being spearheaded on behalf of AMT by George Marootian and Xavier Touret of Natixis Investment Managers, David Boatwright of State Street Global Advisors, and William Mennonna of PNC Capital Advisors, among others.

To find out more and to become a participant in this new and effective trade group service for buy-side senior managers, please contact Joe Sack,, mobile: 1-914-648-0088.

AMT's trade group services are member-driven, meaning they are available to any financial firm or groups of firms, subject to our basic eligibility standards. We also work with affiliated trade associations where AMT serves as a third party vendor.

The bottom line is our program leads to your success with Modern Technology. Our program teaches IT executives how to relate not only to new Technologists joining a firm, but it also leads to a bond of trust between and among CEOs & Boards, on the one hand, and Senior Executives charged with making the adjustment to Modern Technology. Technology (Cloud Computing, AI and Modern Tech) is moving quickly and can seem complicated at times. We make Technology understandable to all by giving your entire team a common medium to discuss the pros and cons.