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Asset Managers Tech Forms COVID and Climate Change PANELS

Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is pleased to welcome The COVID PANEL and The Climate Change PANEL as part of its trade group activities

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        Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is pleased to welcome The COVID PANEL and The Climate Change PANEL as part of its trade group activities. The COVID PANEL has been meeting independently once a week for the past 21 months. It is comprised of ten individuals who get together via Zoom to discuss facts and issues relating to the pandemic. The COVID PANEL has been focused exclusively on educational development and advancement concerning the pandemic.

      The Climate Change PANEL was formed this year and is patterned after the program used by its counterpart COVID group. In fact, the same ten folks from the COVID PANEL (retired executives and professionals who are also investors) have volunteered for the Climate Change group. Once again, the main goal of the Climate Change PANEL relates to educational advancement regarding current times in America for the benefit of AMT folks and the general public. This group has already begun discussion of U.S. domestic policy matters as well as those of countries that are coordinating to some extent with the U.S. concerning global sustainability.

      The key common denominator for these PANELS is medical science. Both PANELS receive weekly updates regarding medical science developments that are driving current 21st Century challenges concerning coronavirus and worldwide efforts to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. provides these updates, which are indispensable to the functioning of the PANELS. Dr. Zaborowski is a physician who currently serves as President of the Board of Health Committee in Hanover Township, N.J. Dr. Stan has been a recognized leader in his home State of New Jersey in connection with fostering clarity regarding COVID mitigation in light of local as well as CDC guidance.

      Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is a not for profit trade group organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Joseph Sack, Sr. and Xavier Touret, a senior industry executive, serve as a team responsible for supporting the educational and advocacy goals of Asset Managers Tech.

      Finally, AMT and its member firms value industry and public participation in the work of The PANELS. Our PANEL members assemble on Zoom every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 10:45 am ET. We welcome visitors to AMT & cordially invite you to contact Joe Sack to find out more about our trade group initiatives concerning this new era in the financial services industry.

 Thank you for your interest in our new & emerging industry-wide initiatives!

Stay Safe,


Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088