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Association Executive Joe Sack describes THE NEW NORMAL TRADE GROUP


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   “Medical Science” has become a top priority for many Investment Firms participating in our trade group, Asset Managers Tech. Publicly available data about Modern Medical Science are now essential to the well-being of both our society and the economy. In effect, the U.S. and many other countries got ahead of the pandemic because industries like investment management within these advanced countries embraced Medical Science and have continued to track the status of coronavirus. 

    Today’s financial services Rules & Accepted Practices are also being updated to a fairly significant extent by an evolving New Era in the Securities Industry. This New Era is defined, we believe, by proposed enhancements to SEC Investor Disclosure Regs, a Global Climate Change Initiative supported by leading asset management firms, and a keen focus on “Lessons Learned” from COVID

   “Working from Home” is also cultivating a New Culture in the interest of promoting an even greater degree of equality and opportunity for professionals in the industry. Initially, working remotely focused a lot on whether professionals worked in the kitchen or at the end of a hallway. However, the current human resources dynamics stemming from WFH are expected to be an opportunity to many ambitious folks at every level within the industry. 


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AMT cordially invites you to participate as a Roundtable attendee via Zoom with our renowned spokesperson, Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., every Tuesday (10:00 am to 10:45 am ET) and every Thursday (9:00 am to 9:30 am ET). Dr. Stan appears with Xavier Touret, an AMT co-founder, and other colleagues from the staff of Asset Managers Tech along with investors and investment managers, as well as others who are leaders in the industry affiliated with AMT member firms or with other relevant financial services organizations. We cover every aspect of the investment management industry’s New Normal Trade Group Agenda, from top to bottom!

Dr. Zaborowski also serves as President of the Board of Health Committee of Hanover Township, NJ.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TEXT JOE SACK, President of AMT, at iPhone 1-914-648-0088 to arrange to attend one of our Zoom sessions or for more information concerning the industry-wide initiatives of Asset Managers Tech.


THANK YOU for your interest in Asset Managers Tech, a not- for-profit trade group organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

iPhone: 1-914-648-0088