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Attend Dr. Zaborowski's Zoom Presentation re: "COVID & the Flu Season"

Friday, 9/23/22 @ 9:00 am ET

· Covid-19,Vaccines,Medical Science,Health Care Trends

CLICK HERE on Friday, 9/23/22 @ 9:00 am ET - We look forward to welcoming you & any of your colleagues to AMT’s 10 minute live Zoom update on ”Current COVID Developments".

Specifically, our esteemed speaker and Medical Adviser, STANLEY ZABOROWSKI, M.D., will elaborate on how the upcoming Flu Season may have a bearing on COVID. Dr. Stan will also give further details on how and why "waste water analysis" is becoming even more relevant to the analysis of dedicated scientists who are consistently looking for new ways to spot coronavirus and other infectious diseases before they have a chance to spread too quickly.

Many thanks for your interest in our trade association services!

With best regards,

Joe Sack, AMT’s President