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COVID - 19, "The Agony of Today and the Ecstasy of 2021"

CLICK HERE to view Asset Managers Tech’s 30 minute 11/19 presentation featuring Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, M.D

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“The Agony of Today and the Ecstasy of 2021”

CLICK HERE to view Asset Managers Tech’s 30 minute 11/19 presentation featuring Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., adviser to our trade group. We discussed 1) wearing masks and using “common sense” to avoid contracting coronavirus; 2) the various COVID -19 vaccines that will be available in 2021; and 3) future opportunities to use technology to coordinate work being conducted remotely by employees of investment management firms.

ASSET MANAGERS TECH BELIEVES the U.S. will be successful in its efforts to defeat COVID – 19. The road ahead for the country and for all its industries will be exceptionally challenging. Our experience to date is that investment management professionals need to keep their eye on the ball at every step of the way.

OUR UNIQUE TRADE GROUP SERVICES: The unique service that we offer is the opportunity for you, as a leader in the investment industry, to discuss in depth the major developments concerning COVID – 19, as they occur. Most importantly, you can do this with members of your own firm or with industry colleagues (we can arrange both types of Zoom sessions).

AMT WILL DO THE LEG WORK & BRING OTHERS TO YOUR SPECIALLY TAILORED ZOOM SESSION: Our trade group will have Dr. Zaborowski at every meeting to provide you with the necessary medical information and scientific facts. Most importantly, you will become knowledgeable and facile concerning all of the key issues as they occur. You can take this foundational knowledge back to folks at your firm to help your firm as it makes decisions that ultimately will lead to your ability to understand the realities of COVID - 19 vaccines and to adapt to what will be your firm’s new normal in 2021.

In sum, our experience to date is that the kind of dialogue that we provide is essential to investment managers. Our approach is extremely effective. It comes with the cost of membership in AMT, which is available at a very reasonable monthly rate. We are ready when you are – please call or text Joe Sack of AMT today for more information! iPhone: 1-914-648-0088.

Stay Safe!

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088