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Fact Sheet, Asset Managers Tech, 6/11/19

Asset Managers Tech (AMT), Focused on Modern Technology Policy Issues

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1. Asset Managers Tech (AMT), Focused on Modern Technology Policy Issues

Modern Tech is the result of ingenuity on the part of technology developers & asset management professionals who are collaborating on today's highly dynamic technology resources. At the trade group level, this phenomenon is supported by AMT. For example, we organize reviews of regulatory proposals and suggested best practices. Most importantly, we engage those tech professionals in this process who stand out as natural industry leaders. We feel the success of the technology movement, for the benefit of investors, currently depends on AMT's efforts to spread the word about the dynamics of the industry's broad Modern Tech initiative.

2. AMT's current Membership, Executive Leadership and Cost Management Guidelines

AMT welcomes membership on the part of all firms which are engaged in the buy-side's technology movement. We are totally committed to further developing our current core group of asset management firms. Banks, broker-dealers, data suppliers, custodians, developers, third party vendors and major consulting firms, among others, are also cordially invited to apply for membership. Application forms may be obtained from our Website, . Staff leadership at AMT is currently the responsibility of very experienced executives with extensive trade association credentials, including stints at SIFMA and The Bond Market Association. AMT does have ministerial expenses for which we depend on members' support.

3. AMT's Accomplishments Depend on Diversity of Participation, From "API Users" to "Data Suppliers"

AMT has addressed the fundamental elements of regulation with regard to technology. We believe so-called RegTech helps industry members in their efforts to form a framework of the pros and cons of IT changes brought about by the current tech movement, including open source algorithms. But the full impact of Modern Tech on IT will likely be a work in progress for many years ahead. Thus, AMT's top initiative at this juncture is our Q and A Task Force, chaired by George Marootian, Executive Vice President of Technology at Natixis Investment Managers. The Task Force is articulating the "New IT Paradigm". And, indeed, the Task Force is totally dependent on diversity of input from talented tech professionals across the spectrum of the asset management industry.

The bottom line is that while sophistication in financial services IT has risen dramatically in the past five years, we believe Modern Tech proposals heading into the 2020's will far outpace the industry's recent steep growth in technology. Indeed, the largest global financial services firms seem poised to hire skilled developers and then integrate these professionals with their most experienced investment managers.

Bi-weekly AMT Trade Group In Person Meetings in Boston, MA - Open to All Industry Members!

Our take is that dialogue in the industry is sparse at this juncture - everyone (except those in IT) thinks Modern Technology is the next person's responsibility. We hope to remedy this by inviting interested folks to commit to sending different attendees to our bi-weekly meetings in Boston. Everyone in the industry will be receiving our announcements and topics; out of towners can attend via Webcast.

With best regards,

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088