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Getting the Most Out of Virtual Meetings

Take Virtual Meetings to the Next Level - Sign Up for Add-Ons to Virtual Events from Asset Managers Tech ("AMT")

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Take Virtual Meetings to the Next Level - Sign Up for Add-Ons to Virtual Events from Asset Managers Tech ("AMT")

Add-Ons to Virtual Events from Asset Managers Tech, a not for profit trade group!

Zoom and other products are enabling many financial services industry organizations or service providers to conduct virtual industry conferences; we agree that these events work exceptionally well.

AMT Add-Ons put you in the driver's seat to discuss takeaways from prior virtual industry meetings - where it was perhaps challenging to enable follow up questions or in-depth discussion.

AMT Add-Ons are used by individual firms, only your staff and/or clients will attend your Add-Ons!

AMT Add-Ons provide your valued employees with a cohesive take on the latest industry-wide trends.

How AMT Add-Ons to Virtual Events Works:

AMT covers all major virtual events in the industry and summarizes relevant industry trends, especially those that use Modern Technology such as Cloud Computing or AI. (See our "DTCC Add-On Case Study")

AMT Add-Ons will facilitate for your staff the all-important "attendees break" that is missing from virtual industry meetings - we give your folks a chance to chat (via Zoom) about the merits of new ideas.

AMT helps to design your firm's "networking breaks", in effect, in cooperation with you & consistent with your own unique culture; and that sets the stage for meaningful and results-oriented discussion.


Equally important, Add-Ons to Virtual Events will benefit your "Working from Home" program. It will bring your own folks together to discuss and learn about important new industry developments. Conceivably, this will be yet another chance for your employees to further develop their own professional relationships. Also, Add-Ons to Virtual Events will give your firm an opportunity to describe how all areas of your organization are coordinating when it comes to new best practices or trends in the industry. Further, senior executives would be in a position to attend certain segments of Add-Ons to Virtual Events and update employees regarding firm-wide topics, if appropriate.

Moreover, as an independent trade association organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Asset Managers Tech is committed to serving as an objective provider of information concerning new developments in the investment management industry. We simply provide unbiased facts. And, of course, we are unaffiliated with any commercial business ventures. This assures objectivity in the delivery of our Add-Ons to Virtual Events program.

AMT is offering Add-Ons to Virtual Events to member firms and prospective member firms. These firms typically are associated with their own affiliated organizations - we encourage broad inclusion of professionals from all of your related organizations when you decide to take advantage of AMT's Add-Ons to Virtual Events services, which themselves are compact and are completed in 30 to 45 minutes.

Contact Asset Managers Tech today; we are prepared to show you our "subject matter" Add-Ons selections. All selections address broad industry-wide change that is typically tech-driven.

Please contact Joe Sack of Asset Managers Tech, Mobile: 1-914-648-0088

Asset Managers Tech is committed to using its trade group resources to assist all firms in the asset management industry during these challenging times.