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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Good News in Fight Against COVID / Beneficial to Investment Managers

CLICK HERE to view the latest assessment on Zoom by Dr. Stanley Zaborowski

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CLICK HERE to view the latest assessment on Zoom by Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, medical adviser to Asset Managers Tech, regarding the attributes of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Along with vaccines already in use, J & J’s anticipated 100 million doses will likely propel our efforts to stop the spread of COVID – 19 this year.

This proposed J & J vaccine must still be approved by the FDA. Significantly, it is a single dose vaccine; and experts believe it has the potential to fight off many variant strains of coronavirus. Thus, doctors and scientists overseeing the U.S. COVID initiative will keep informed statistics regarding the efficacy of this new vaccine as it is distributed and used in treating patients afflicted with COVID – 19.

Asset Managers Tech will also continue to follow all COVID developments & we will, of course, be continuing our weekly Zoom presentations as a service to industry members. AMT believes COVID – 19 is relevant to the interests of investors because stopping the spread of coronavirus is necessary to enable the investment management industry to turn its full attention to the challenges relating to Climate Change within the context of ESG investment initiatives.

Thank you for your interest and support, Stay Safe!


Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

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