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Join Us, Asset Managers Tech Roundtable, 10/29, Boston, MA

Register for our Tuesday, 10/29/19, Tech Roundtable Event

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CLICK HERE to Register for our Tuesday, 10/29/19, Tech Roundtable Event, sponsored by Asset Managers Tech, a new trade group committed to fostering industry-wide educational goals.

Time & Place - Our Roundtable Event will be held from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at 888 Boylston Street, 4th Floor, in Boston.

Roundtable Speakers:  

David Boatwright, Managing Director, State Street Global Advisors;

George Marootian, Executive Vice President of IT, Natixis Investment Managers;

Bill Mennonna, Chief Risk Officer, PNC Capital Advisors;

Tim Selby, Partner Alston & Bird;

Xavier Touret, Deputy Global Head of Internal Audit, Natixis Investment Managers.

Also Featuring Introductory Keynote Remarks by David L. Giunta, President and CEO for the US at Natixis Investment Managers.

Roundtable Speakers will comment on the "Agenda Items" below and then invite questions from Event attendees. This will be followed by a pragmatic assessment of Modern Tech by Developers and Investment & Trading Professionals who will articulate the pros and cons of AI, Cloud Computing and APIs as industry members look ahead to the 2020's. And, of course,

several "networking breaks" will be held @ our Event both before and after presentations by those who have volunteered to serve as speakers on 10/29.

We will also welcome Toby Lewis, CEO of Novum Insights, and a Co-Founder of Asset Managers Tech, who will share his assessment of Tech in the Euro Financial Services Industry.

The dynamic topics below are the Asset Managers Tech 10/29/19 Roundtable "Agenda Items":

EVERY BUSINESS WILL CHANGE: Every business will more than likely change, modern technology is simply propelling the process.

NEW IT PARADIGM: Tech experts, such as heads of IT, provide focused explanations concerning how the digital transformation is being applied in the asset management business.

COST CURVE AHEAD OF FEE COMPRESSION: The goal concerning the tech movement is to keep the cost curve ahead of a possible fee compression. So it helps asset managers to look for opportunities in their adjacent businesses, such as custody or securities valuation services.

PACE OF TECH CHANGE: The pace of technological change is accelerating, so it is necessary for asset managers to keep up with this pace in every aspect of the business. This includes not only fund investing, but also services such as retirement and benefits solutions.

TECH TOOLS TO CUSTOMERS: Today's tech movement also entails investment managers' offering new "tech tools" to customers, such as "reporting services" to be used by financial advisers or hedge funds.

CHANGING THE WAY WE WORK: Regarding asset managers' own businesses, it is typically not enough to just use modern technology. It is appropriate in some instances for firms to change how they work. For example, setting up 'hot desks", meaning squads of 5 to 10 workers in lieu of cubicles.

NEW IDEAS: Finally, one by-product of evaluating technology is the opportunity to see something totally new that an investment manager might have missed without looking at tech alternatives.

CLICK HERE to register & attend our 10/29 Tech Roundtable, open to registrants who are asset management professionals.

Contact Joe Sack for more info,

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088 

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