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Latest FAQs re: COVID, ESG and Climate Change / U Cannot Miss Our AMT Zoom this Morning, @ 9:00 am ET

Today’s 15 minute AMT presentation will focus on the following industry policy issues:

· buyside technology,asset managers tech,Climate Change,ESG

Please CLICK HERE for breaking insights on our Zoom Presentation @ 9:00 am ET Today, June 24th, regarding COVID, ESG and Climate Change!


Today’s 15 minute AMT presentation will focus on the following industry policy issues:

   -- AMT’s Medical Adviser, Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, will issue a brief update re: the Delta variant and then talk about a CDC statement concerning myocarditis with vaccines in young adults.

  - - AMT’s Industry Practices Adviser, Xavier Touret, will team up with Joe Sack to tackle the following FAQs:

  1. Is it enough for financial services professionals to get medical information about the pandemic, ESG and Climate Change only from news commentators or reporters? If not, what about utilizing a trade group such as AMT as a provider of data and straight talk concerning medical questions that are of utmost importance to investment managers?

 2.   Why do your colleagues who are working from home (part time or even predominantly) have a high regard for the uniquely pragmatic Educational Initiatives conducted by Asset Managers Tech?

 3. If Climate Change seems so much more challenging than COVID, why then have some buy-side industry participants seemingly been tempted to kick CC down the road a bit as we all re-consider sustainability goals relevant to the financial services industry?

OUR VIDEO PRESENTATION BEGINS AT 9:00 AM ET TODAY – feel free to send this notice to a colleague! Thanks!

With best regards,

Joe Sack

President, Asset Managers Tech

Cell: 1-914-648-0088