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"Medicine" Helpful in Defining New Normal

Medical Profession’s Experience Regarding COVID - 19 May Help Define 'New Normal' in Investment Management Industry

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Medical Profession’s Experience Regarding COVID - 19 May Help Define 'New Normal' in Investment Management Industry

Introduction: The medical community recently indicated that physicians are now much more experienced when it comes to treating COVID – 19 patients. Initial examinations that may have taken extensive periods of time in some cases in March can now be done in far less time. As you would expect, doctors utilize their experience to refine their skills in this COVID era and, accordingly, are now typically able to treat more patients who need emergency or urgent care. Moreover, doctors’ expanding base of information regarding the medical nuances of coronavirus may also be helpful to business executives, including those engaged in running investment management firms during these challenging times. Discussions between and among doctors and financial services executives are beginning to occur as more and more business executives seek to evaluate any and all insights to visualize the so-called new normal.

Realistic Observations of Doctors: Doctors in the U.S. have been quick to point out that a decline in coronavirus death rates (as a percentage of cases) in recent months simply reflects the fact that more testing is being conducted due to the provision of more advanced testing equipment to states and hospitals by the U.S. Government. It is true that we are now doing a better job reducing casualties at nursing homes and other high risk communities. Unfortunately, COVID - 19 continues to spread as restaurants and colleges have recently reopened. So the actual number of deaths is still at a disturbingly high level.

Medical Advancements May Help Business Organizations: Looking ahead to 2021, many doctors foresee exceptionally creative uses of technology-driven devices in the fight against COVID – 19. A case in point is the 15 minute test for coronavirus that has recently come onto the market. It is seemingly a major improvement when a school can now use this 15 minute test of grade school students entering its building every day. The new high speed test may cut down on having to quarantine all students in a particular class because infection is theoretically kept out of the classroom when protocols are carefully adhered to. Significantly, similar practices might be workable at an office building or on any particular floor or floors of an office building. Doctors in urban and suburban communities who specialize in treating infectious diseases are acutely aware of these types of advancements at the moment. Accordingly, AMT believes it is beneficial to evaluate how best to expand its recently instituted dialogue involving doctors engaged in the COVID – 19 field, on the one hand, with relevant leaders in the investment management industry, on the other hand.

Next Steps: Asset Managers Tech is sponsoring a series of 30 minute Zoom meetings regarding the above-mentioned matters every Thursday for the next two months. Our regular guest speaker will be Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, who serves as President of the Board of Health Committee of Hanover Township, NJ. Dr. Zaborowski received his M.D. from the University of Maryland and served as a general practitioner in Morris County (NJ) prior to his current position. Please CLICK HERE to view Dr. Zaborowski’s most recent Zoom presentation to AMT’s buy-side member firms and subscribers. Industry members may also arrange to talk or meet directly with Dr. Zaborowski. Please contact the professional staff at Asset Managers Tech to make the necessary arrangements. And, of course, please follow our on-going trade group messaging concerning all AMT services, including upcoming special presentations by Dr. Zaborowski, via Zoom, on 10/8, 10/15, 10/22 and 10/29!

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