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Moving Toward "Buy-side Normal" -- In Step With Industry Standards


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GETTING TO YOUR FUTURE "NORMAL" - Asset Managers Tech is a trade group whose own business model has always engaged "service providers" and their top executives in our industry initiatives. This plan is even more important now as you and your colleagues redefine normal procedures at your firm.

Here is how it works at AMT: just as new industry procedures have always needed broad buy-in, so it is with the new ways financial professionals will get to work, enter buildings, conduct virtual meetings and devise new algorithmic-driven data transmissions. The bottom line is no one can get back to work in financial services in a vacuum.

       At AMT, the benefits of membership in our trade group activities also accrue to your service providers and other industry recognized participants, such as central clearing parties and custodians. As a member or subscriber of Asset Managers Tech, you have the opportunity to rely on our neutrality & non-profit status to arrange constructive virtual meetings with your third party vendors and other similar indispensable firms. These meetings would indeed be focused on the basic resources needed for all to succeed going forward while COVID - 19 is in play.

       Just reach out to Joe Sack at and AMT will help you. Mr. Sack is a founder of many successful industry initiatives, including the Asset Managers Forum at The Bond Market Association. AMT's unique trade group experience and skills are totally available to your firm in these challenging times!

We can also facilitate, at your request, the involvement of academicians, other recognized trade groups, Data Scientists & Developers, and Law Firms and Independent Consultants. These participants are especially relevant to validate that your "normal" going forward is consistent with the anticipated generally accepted practices in the broader financial services industry.

  ASSET MANAGERS TECH was formed as an association that would help ultimate investors. Now, the factors associated with your forthcoming "Normal" are also linked to the interests of investors!  

Joseph Sack, Asset Managers Tech

Cell : 914-648-0088