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Seniors Talking About Medical Achievements

We wish to invite you to our outstanding Tuesday @ 10:00 am ET & Thursday @ 9:00 am ET live meetings

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Please CLICK HERE so we can send you an invitation to the contact information that you provide to us. We wish to invite you to our outstanding Tuesday @ 10:00 am ET & Thursday @ 9:00 am ET live meetings each week on Zoom that are known as SENIORS TALKING!

That's Tuesdays @ 10:00 am ET / Thursdays @ 9:00 am ET!

"SENIORS FOR THE BETTERMENT OF ALL” is how we refer to our initiative that began to take shape when our
very own relatively small group of seniors in the NYC area started meeting on Zoom every week in 2020 to discuss common questions about the pandemic. The discussions helped the group immensely. Its members gained a degree of confidence regarding how to be more heads up concerning staying healthy when COVID - 19 was spreading.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, STANLEY ZABOROWSKI, M.D., serves as moderator of our Seniors Talking Groups. Dr. Stan is a renowned Internist who helped local governments in his own locale and his Home State of New Jersey when the pandemic struck — in addition to being our lead spokesperson for Seniors for the Betterment of All.

INDEED, AS OUR ZOOM ATTENDEES PROGRESSED INTO 2022, THEY CAME TO REALIZE THAT MEDICAL BREAK THROUGHS WERE STARTING TO OCCUR CONCERNING OTHER DISEASES, in addition to coronavirus. And, of course, that trend continues as we enter the summer of 2023!

PHARMACEUTICALS, DOCTORS and OTHER RESEARCH PROFESSIONALS have picked up the mantel and are all working fairly cooperatively to remodel the new medical treatments from the COVID years and then to apply them to new cancer treatments and other sicknesses, such as RSV and pancreatic cancer. These other diseases and infections had previously totally baffled researchers and their colleagues, including colleagues at agencies such as the FDA.

THEMSELVES, AND ALSO WITH THEIR INDIVIDUAL PHYSICIANS, IN THESE INCREDIBLY CHALLENGING AND YET EXTREMELY PROMISING TIMES! Also, consider reaching out to us - Dr. Stan is ready when you are to share tips on how best to analyze your health in this dynamic era — all from the exciting standpoint of modern medical science!

And of course you may also forward this email to your friends and colleagues!


With sincere regards,

Joe Sack, co-founder of Asset Managers Tech

(AMT, a Commonwealth of Massachusetts not for profit entity, has worked on supporting the the thrust of the industry’s initiatives mentioned in this document)

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Kind regards also from Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, our physician who leads by the example of his own insightful & creative hard work.


See everyone interested in the above items on our Zoom Meetings! Please CLICK HERE and provide details so we can invite you to future Zoom Meetings! Thanks again for your interest in our mission.