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Staying Ahead of the Tech Curve

Each buy-side senior executive should strive to do so to get ahead of the tech curve.

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ASSET MANAGERS TECH (AMT) RECOMMENDS FINDING YOUR OWN TECH COMFORT ZONE. Each buy-side senior executive should strive to do so to get ahead of the tech curve. CLICK HERE to see AMT's illustration of this recommendation.

Tips for Senior Executives: STAYING AHEAD OF THE TECH CURVE, one step @ a time!

  1. Go out of your way to maintain a dialogue about tech trends with industry colleagues - Arrange conference calls with fellow executives in the industry, including colleagues with service providers. Start with simple topics, such as how to use AI to meet KYC compliance requirements. AMT would be happy to suggest other technology topics or arrange calls. The important thing is to gain as much confidence as possible concerning technology, the more dialogue, the more self-assured you will be!

  2. Learn new things about tech week in & week out (whether you are in PM, trading or the C-suite) - Major new tech developments occur just about every day. Much like going to the gym regularly for physical exercise, you need to condition yourself to spot these new developments. Quite often it will be up to you to correlate a new industry-wide tech upgrade (whether in operations or fixed income trading or compliance) to your own business. You can also rely on AMT's Q and A Task Force for assistance.

  3. New IT Paradigm - Our Q and A Task Force is member driven. So far the Task Force has made headway. For example, we've suggested to other industry leaders that IT auditing now encompasses not only verification of receipt of data, but whether such data would also be deemed consistent with the parameters of the latest industry recognized open source algorithms.

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