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Tech Trends, AMT Meeting in Boston on 2/26

Asset Managers Tech, a trade group, will hold the kick off meeting of its Q and A Task Force on Tuesday, 2/26

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TECH TENDS - Asset Managers Tech, a trade group, will hold the kick off meeting of its Q and A Task Force on Tuesday, 2/26. AMT's Q and A Task Force will include Heads of IT and other senior executives at buy-side firms and is focused on AI, Blockchain and Big Data, as well as the major policy implications of all "new" technologies.

   The Q and A Task Force will consider two big picture topics at its 2/26 meeting:

FIRST, The Role of "Developers" We realize AI, Blockchain and Big Data actually have the potential to become trends in the asset management industry, but only if a majority of the leading buy-side firms begin using these types of technologies in the course of providing services to ultimate investors. Of course, this remains to be seen. So a really key topic on 2/26 is not so much a technical definition of AI or Blockchain, but rather, in a broad sense, how are financial services organizations, at this point in time, beginning to utilize the top tech talent that has recently been brought into these firms to try to streamline the business and keep it on the cutting edge of competition in the financial services industry.

SECOND, Asset Managers and Silicon Valley It's no secret that portfolio managers affiliated with successful buy-side firms spend a lot of time in Silicon Valley asking the truly leading global tech firms to describe things like the future of driverless cars and likely changes in the auto industry. PMs also ask representatives of Apple and Google and Facebook to talk about their business models and if the future revenue streams of these large global companies might be affected more so by, for example, expanding their cloud services versus income from advertising. Accordingly, in a somewhat similar vein, our Task Force expects to go around the room on 2/26 and attempt to formulate a framework to discuss, at future AMT meetings, how new technology is likely to affect investment managers.

We guarantee that the above process will give rise to opportunities for you and your colleagues. AI, Blockchain and Big Data are game changing technologies for the buy-side; and we believe it is helpful to afford asset managers the opportunity to discuss, at this juncture, the policy implications of this new era in technology and, most significantly, to do so in an open and upbeat trade group context.

Please CLICK HERE today to confirm your attendance at our 2/26 Task Force meeting. This meeting will be held at a convenient location in Boston, MA on Feb. 26th from 11:00 to 11:45 am ET. You may attend in person or via conference call. We look forward to acknowledging your request to attend and will get back to you with meeting details, including location and dial in number.

Thanks for your cooperation and support!

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech (AMT)

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088