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Technology Initiatives / Renew Your Investment Management Perspectives

Asset Managers Tech ("AMT") cordially invites you and your colleagues to expand your tech horizons by participating in AMT's "Modern Technology Guidelines" initiative.

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To Investment Managers Responsible for Staying Ahead of the Curve on Technology,

Asset Managers Tech ("AMT") cordially invites you and your colleagues to expand your tech horizons by participating in AMT's "Modern Technology Guidelines" initiative.

Most importantly, as a not for profit trade group, AMT's members and other participants are committed to sharing - mostly with each other -- helpful and pragmatic information regarding the benefits of Modern Technology. Modern Technology is indeed moving at a fast pace; thus, in "Modern Technology Guidelines" we are focusing on Tech Education for Buy-side Professionals, Cloud Computing and Social Issues like Climate Change. These topics are also likely to spark ideas for potential new opportunities within your own firms. Read Below for More About Staying Ahead of the Curve.


First: Technology Education and "Tech Conditioning" - AMT firms have witnessed the "new IT paradigm", whereby IT departments now produce at most buy-side firms numerous "ready to use" computer-driven reports along with more detailed and sophisticated data for use by investment professionals, legal & compliance officers, research leaders, top operations managers and most other key departments at asset management firms. This revitalization of IT is being driven, in part, by the current ingenuity of algorithms so that IT can now tailor its services to the exact needs of investors and to all areas of the firm itself.

As this process becomes more extensive, however, it is clear that all buy-side professionals will need to learn and assimilate more about the workings of Modern Tech to meet their own responsibilities as investment management professionals. Accordingly, AMT is asking senior managers and leaders to attempt to identify their top three "key technology skill sets" that virtually every professional in the industry will most likely need to be refining or improving in order to continue to work at a satisfactory level of performance.

Send us your take on skill sets such as "how traders and tech developers can work jointly" or "how do we expand the instant availability of far greater amounts of real time bond pricing". And, of course, we will let you know about AMT conference call meetings where you can obtain specific examples of these skill sets and the self-training activities that need to be undertaken to be successful in learning about these new professional standards - all under the banner of AMT. (Note: Reaching out to AMT about this industry initiative regarding Modern Technology could itself be a form of tech education and conditioning! So please send inquiries to at your earliest convenience.)

Second: Relationships with Clouds - AMT would like to form a committee of professionals who are affiliated with AMT firms that would be willing to draft the ABC's of how a financial services fiduciary such as an investment adviser should approach doing business with the major providers of Cloud Services. These ABC's could perhaps cover everything from due diligence standards (to be met by both the investment manager and the Cloud) to mutually agreed upon best practices to liability insurance standards to cooperating on Cyber Security and even to things like personnel exchange programs whereby your own buy-side folks along with employees from the various Clouds could spend brief periods of time at each other's offices or facilities. Our take is that this AMT initiative might even become a regular industry service as technology becomes ever more diffused across the financial services industry. SIGN UP TODAY FOR THIS COMMITTEE, CALL 1-914-648-0088 or contact us at .

Third: Announcing AMT's Tech + Social Issues Committee - Asset Managers Tech believes that many of today's environmental and social issues that are relevant to the interests of the asset management industry (such as Climate Change) are themselves very much driven by technology projects. Accordingly, we are soliciting the involvement of you, our AMT firms, in this noble endeavor. We anticipate that those who are leaders with respect to technology in terms of its impact on investment management per se would also be willing to step up to the plate to assess tech analogies when it comes to learning about & solving problems such as climate change and other critical existential challenges. Please reach out to AMT to express your views or to recommend folks from your respective firms who would be likely participants in AMT's Tech + Social Committee. Reach out to us at . THANKS!

ASSET MANAGERS TECH - We believe the merger of Investment Management & Modern Tech has already begun to happen!

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