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The Technology Train Has Already Left the Station!

Learn more @ our 2/26/2020 Educational Meeting, in Boston, MA.

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The Technology Train Has Already Left the Station!

- At Asset Managers Tech (AMT), we originally thought the so-called "disruptive" elements of the tech revolution would be introduced over time in white papers & in the financial press. In fact, Modern Technology is just happening on its own!

CLICK HERE to learn more @ our 2/26/2020 Educational Meeting, in Boston, MA. AMT is a not for profit trade group focused totally on Modern Technology and other AI trends.

At Asset Managers Tech, for instance, we're now engaged with IT professionals who believe in the "new IT paradigm", which means the IT Department is now renting software and data processing facilities from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and other similar Clouds. AMT has already sponsored a Webcast on how the new paradigm is seamlessly providing all areas of investment management firms with ready to use data regarding clients and the status of their accounts.

There is also DTCC's Applied Programming Interfaces Marketplace. Say your buy-side firm's CEO wants to know what percentage of bond trading is done by your trading desk with electronic platforms versus directly with broker-dealers. Simply have your Developers write an algorithmic formula with DTCC's technology professionals and your desk can receive this information in a usable format on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that all fixed income trades in the U.S. marketplace are cleared and settled by DTCC, so this organization's data base is quite extensive!

The most important point, however, is that this kind of data is available right now! There is no manual regarding Modern Tech, professionals in the industry learn from each other!

Asset Managers Tech is sponsoring an educational meeting on 2/26/2020 in Boston, MA at the offices of one of our participating investment management firms from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Industry professionals (especially IT executives & others who work on teams comprised of Developers and Investment Professionals) are cordially invited to register for this event. CLICK HERE to register. Featured speakers are George Marootian, EVP of Technology at Natixis Investment Managers, and Toby Lewis, CEO of Novum Insights.

Modern Technology is happening as we at AMT are writing about it! We cordially invite you to attend our 2/26 event and learn much more about these new opportunities!

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088

Asset Managers Tech is a not for profit trade group incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.