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This week's Message from Asset Managers Tech / finding your firm's new normal as vaccines become more widespread

We are pleased to send you (CLICK HERE) this week’s 23 minute video

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To Investment Management Industry Professionals,

  We are pleased to send you (CLICK HERE) this week’s 23 minute video that features remarks regarding data that indicate a steady decline in COVID - 19 infections in the U.S. Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. (our Trade Group Medical Adviser) discusses how the vaccines are working well to keep most of the U.S. population safe.

  Xavier Touret, Industry Practices Adviser to our trade group, candidly describes the challenging choices that relate to transitioning from working at home to returning to the office as investment management professionals head into the summer months.

  COVID – 19 is less tense now thanks to the vaccines. However, the business decisions that lie ahead are still very challenging as everyone looks to foster the interests of their clients while assuring that their own professional staff members’ recommendations about the new normal are thoroughly vetted.

  Here is a link to our relatively brief objective discussion of these matters. This recording is now on our website.

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Joe Sack, AMT Co-founder and President

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