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Technology in all industries changes continuously due to the competitiveness of Silicon Valley. Therefore, in our role as a tech-focused trade group, we @ Asset Managers Tech (AMT) suggest that buy-side firms should always be thinking about how their clients think about today's new technologies. Artificial Intelligence, for instance, is expanding quickly as advanced algorithms become more readily available to developers. In this environment, the asset management industry is leaning toward integrating baseline tech competencies into all core departments, including investment management, trading and operations.

AMT can help you to promote an even stronger aptitude for technology at your firm. All industry members are invited to participate in AMT's Q and A Task Force being led by well-known IT professionals in the industry. The Task Force is developing a library of pivotal Questions about today's new technology. We then facilitate give and take discussions between & among groups of Task Force members to answer these questions. While there are always alternative courses of action in the tech world, AMT's proven trade group discussion environment often leads to suggested industry guidelines, which can then be shared by our members with their industry colleagues.

AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SPEAK WITH OUR AMT INDUSTRY LEADERS ABOUT PARTICIPATING IN OUR Q and A TASK FORCE ON A TRIAL BASIS. There are no dues or fees to do so; AMT is an open source trade group. Kindly contact Joe Sack, President of AMT, at or 1-914-648-0088.

Thanks for your interest in Asset Managers Tech - please forward this message to others in your firm, especially folks in your IT area, where we feel a new tech paradigm is beginning to emerge.

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088