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Your Opportunity to Ask Practical Questions re: Healthcare & COVID

We invite you to join us today live on Zoom!

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Dear Trade Group Members and Colleagues,

We invite you to join us today live on Zoom!

CLICK HERE You’re invited to AMT’s 10 minute Zoom Session today, Thursday, 2/9 beginning at 9:00 am ET. You will connect w/ Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., our Chief Medical Adviser at the AMT trade group.

The theme of this presentation by Dr. Stan and Joe Sack is to run through, in general, what new COVID questions may lie ahead for investment managers to decide — since the CDC and others might be somewhat less active in 2024, for instance, as the pandemic conceivably winds down.

For example, now that COVID is apparently more under control, there will be far fewer rules from D.C. So industry leaders need to be trained to evolve their own key questions to avoid falling behind concerning coronavirus. We will briefly discuss this matter today at 9:00 am on our Zoom with Dr. Zaborowski.


Joe Sack (914-648-0088) & Dr. Stan Zaborowski (973-984-0867)