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AMT Regulatory Update / Climate Change

Asset Managers Tech is looking forward to updating members & market participants on the following CLIMATE CHANGE items

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Asset Managers Tech is looking  forward to updating members & market participants on the following  CLIMATE CHANGE items:

  1. Bill Gates in his just published book on Climate Change states that the same kind  of strategies being employed to defeat COVID – 19 can likely be applied  regarding Climate Change. AMT believes some investment managers will  apply various new scientific skills acquired in 2020 & 2021 to  Climate Change.
  2. New SEC Chair Gary Gensler indicated last week on CNBC that folks at the Commission will be taking  a look at the evolving ESG disclosure process in the industry to assure  that it continues to enhance the flow of material information into the  securities marketplace by relevant companies.
  3. Climate Change Information, like data on COVID, can be complex. AMT realizes that there are a number of alternative sustainability  goals and principles out there that need to be evaluated on a regular  basis by institutional investors and U.S. pension funds. AMT expects to  encounter some of these situations in its role as a trade group.  Accordingly, we look forward to obtaining buy-side input on these modern  era challenges, including chief executive level policy determinations,  as we formulate and recommend new opportunities to the industry  regarding Climate Change.

Please feel free to contact Joe Sack, President, or Xavier Touret, Industry Practices Adviser, regarding the above issues! and

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Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

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