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AMT's PANEL Meeting on Zoom, Today, Tuesday, 1/31/23, Memphis & Ukraine

Please CLICK HERE today, Jan. 31, 2023, at 10;00 am ET. You will have the opportunity to participate in a meeting of the AMT PANEL.

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Please CLICK HERE today, Jan. 31, 2023, at 10;00 am ET. You will have the opportunity to participate in a meeting of the AMT PANEL.

The members of The PANEL meet every Tuesday Morning. We’ve been at it since the pandemic hit in 2020. Our Zoom meetings are very lively and relevant because our group typically discusses the status of COVID. Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. kicks off our sessions with an update on vaccines and how the vaccines are working in various
sections of the U.S. or elsewhere around the globe. We’ve developed a knack for sometimes coming up with pragmatic insights relating to the pandemic.

Today we will also talk about the meaning of the word sledge-hammer. According to Webster, when used as an adjective with a hyphen, this word means “ruthless". That’s ruthless as in what recently happened to Mr. Tyre Nichols in Memphis. Indeed, our PANEL is comprised mainly of retired executive level professional types; our collective hearts & prayers go out to Mr. Nichols' family and friends and to his own community in Memphis.

Sledge hammer, without the hyphen, also shows up in the dictionary; it means a large hammer that takes two
hands to use. Sledge hammers are a weapon of choice, according to news out of Ukraine, by the latest group of ex-criminal soldiers brought into Ukraine by Russia to oppose the Ukraine troops on the various battlefields of that
war torn country. It has been reported recently that some Ukrainian soldiers have actually been sledge hammered to death by Russia's ex-criminals now having been forced by Russia into the role of trying to inflict barbaric pain on Ukrainians. That is clearly also ruthless as in what recently happened to Mr. Nichols.

The question for our PANEL today, beginning at 10:00 am ET on AMT’s Zoom link, is whether there are parallels that might be drawn between the deadly and senseless assault on Mr. Nichols and the outrageous continuation of
the horrific assault on both the innocent residents and brave soldiers throughout Ukraine. Russia has also had the added and one-sided advantage of being able to launch deadly and destructive missiles into many heavily-occupied civilian sectors of Ukraine.

The police tactics in Memphis were a misguided mistake; but as a result of the tragedy that occurred involving Mr. Nichols, Americans can sense that this recent Memphis mistake will be fully addressed in such a way that it will never happen again. Can Western leaders around the world extend the process expected to occur in Memphis to resolve the Ukraine War? We must find the traction to begin to reverse the ruthlessness occurring in Ukraine.
With Memphis and Mr. Nichols' martyrdom in mind, let’s give it a go!

Thank you for your interest in The PANEL,


Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech (AMT)

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