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Update on COVID, RSV & Flu, by Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., AMT’s Medical Adviser

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AMT’s Dr. Zaborowski shared an update on COVID with our Seniors’ Panel on Tuesday, Jan. 24th. In a nutshell, and as noted in the embedded video replay of Dr. Stan’s actual comments, thus far in 2023 the U.S.has not been experiencing sustained increases in the number of new cases of Coronavirus, CSV or the flu. Please CLICK HERE and you will be connected to AMT’s Website in order to view these 1/24 remarks of Dr. Zaborowski in their entirety.


AMT realizes, of course, that the pandemic is still in our midst. Also, Dr. Stan has commended our Country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for deciding to take analytical steps at the FDA’s own 1/26/23 meeting to further evaluate COVID.

The FDA will apparently determine how best to monitor Covid infections this year; and the FDA seems likely to assess how far and to what degree COVID variants may be spreading in the U.S. Importantly, the FDA is receiving input at this time from Moderna and Pfizer, two major drug corporations directly responsible for developing and producing COVID vaccines when the pandemic first came on the scene in 2020.

In fact, Dr. Stan went on to suggest during AMT's 1/24 video presentation that current assessments of COVID variants (and what Americans should continue to be generally aware of concerning COVID) are still under consideration and subject to further analysis. Thus, as part of AMT’s advocacy work in 2023, we look forward to providing potential further insights to our various audiences (both
Seniors & professionals in the Financial Services Industry) on the all important future findings and opinions relating to COVID being
formulated by the FDA and other highly regarded experts.

AMT welcomes your comments and questions. Please feel free to reach out to Asset Managers Tech! Connect with AMT via LinkedIn and submit questions to Dr Stan Zaborowski directly.

Thank you for your interest in AMT's Advocacy Initiatives.

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Joe Sack, AMT’s President

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