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AMT Zoom Presentation at 9:00 am ET Today, June 16th, COVID Vaccines Approved for Children 6 months to Age 5

CLICK HERE at 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, June 16, 2022, to join our brief discussion on Zoom.

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CLICK HERE at 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, June 16, 2022, to join our brief discussion on Zoom. Welcome to all industry professionals who have successfully balanced job responsibilities and pandemic challenges since 2020!


Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., our esteemed Medical Adviser, will briefly outline today the main details regarding this week’s approval by the FDA of vaccines for very young children in the U.S.

We’ve also asked Dr. Stan to describe the recent updates with regard to COVID testing and air travel back to the U.S.


LOOKING AHEAD: At next week’s AMT Zoom meeting on 6/23/22, AMT & Dr. Zaborowski will discuss current and most likely future efforts on the part of BioNTech, Pfizer, Moderna and perhaps others to develop an “mRNA” vaccine for oncology. These undertakings could conceivably transform the fight against cancer. The mRNA methodology was successfully used by pharmaceutical firms with regard to COVID 19.

BioNTech, for instance, worked with Pfizer concerning the research and ultimate approval and production of a Covid Vaccine that has been taken by millions of Americans, including many folks in financial services, for protection against becoming afflicted with the various coronavirus variants. BioNTech and other similar companies have recently received considerable coverage in the financial press about their aspirations to hopefully develop additional creative vaccines.

Dr. Zaborowski has been affiliated with Asset Managers Tech (AMT), a trade group, since 2020. He is a Board-certified Internist and previously served as Physician Adviser to St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, N.J.

AMT provides updates to member firms and industry colleagues regarding Modern Medical Science developments, including those affecting the Environment and Climate Change. These matters are relevant to society as a whole, and to rulemaking and other asset management industry initiatives.

We hope to see you at our meetings & events!

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