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Ask AMT about Industry Trends & COVID - 19! Zoom Q & A, @ 9:00 am ET, Thursday, 3/4/2021

CLICK HERE @ 9:00 am ET, Thursday, 3/4/21 and Ask AMT’s Dr. Stanley Zaborowski about COVID!

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CLICK HERE @ 9:00 am ET, Thursday, 3/4/21 and Ask AMT’s Dr. Stanley Zaborowski about COVID!

Here are three opening questions based on what we are hearing from members of the Investment Management Industry:

Q # 1 – Please address the relevance of COVID – 19 science & data when it comes to reopening states and cities and schools. Is science still the basis for these decisions for the Biden Administration and the new team at the CDC?

Q # 2 – Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, indicated on national television this week that perhaps the vaccines will begin to show good progress by as early as June in our Nation’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID. Based on what you have seen in New Jersey, Dr. Zaborowski, would you agree with Mr. Dimon’s comments?

Q # 3 – I know you have been following the CDC’s assessment of how we might get children back to school, Dr. Stan. The CDC has spoken at length about our schools – where do we stand on schools and should parents anticipate that their children will be spending more time in the classroom starting in September?

Please note that Dr. Zaborowski serves as medical adviser to Asset Managers Tech (AMT). Dr. Zaborowski, a physician, is President of the Board of Health Committee of Hanover Township, NJ.

Asset Managers Tech is a not for profit trade group organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We encourage our members and, in fact, all buy-side firms, to feel free to distribute our Zoom presentations to industry members to foster an understanding of trends in the industry during the pandemic.

Stay Safe,

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

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