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COVID - 19 Update For Executives of Investment Management Firms

We’ve been laser focused on the pandemic since last March

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To: Executives of Investment Management Firms

From: Asset Managers Tech, Your Not-For-Profit Trade Association

We’ve been laser focused on the pandemic since last March. Asset Managers Tech (AMT) helps member firms, such as yours, by sharing our medical & scientific insights on COVID with folks at your level of seniority & leadership. AMT helps investment professionals to become conversant regarding the latest COVID issues – because that’s the skill set you need to compete with other firms in the industry.

The farther along on the coronavirus learning curve that you and your colleagues are, the more effective you will be in guiding your clients through the pandemic. Please CLICK HERE and view my 30 minute conversation on Zoom on 2/25 with Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s medical adviser & President of the Board of Health Committee of Hanover Township, NJ. Dr. Zaborowski provides advice to numerous officials of municipal entities and school districts in the State of New Jersey.

 In our 2/25 Zoom replay, Dr. Zaborowski explains how scientists have skillfully & effectively altered vaccines to stay ahead of “variants” of COVID disease from outside the U.S. Also, we assess the realities of getting the children of asset management industry professionals back into their elementary and high school classrooms.

We value your input & your questions in advance of this week’s live session with Dr. Zaborowski on March 4th!

Please reach out to me at your convenience,

Many thanks & stay safe!

Asset Managers Tech

Joseph W. Sack, President

iPhone: 1-914-648-0088