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Asset Managers Pandemic & Climate Change Update / Tomorrow @ 9:00 am ET

Click Here & join our 7/15 AMT Update from 9:00 to 9:20 am ET, via Zoom!

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Click Here & join our 7/15 AMT Update from 9:00 to 9:20 am ET, via Zoom!

You & your colleagues, other investment professionals at your firm, actually get better at what you do when the entire team is up to date re: the onslaught of non stop medical-related changes affecting financial services.

THIS IS A NEW BALL GAME, being brought on by COVID and now Climate Change!

Do You Know that:

- the UK will relax its COVID restrictions next week.

- emissions will breach Paris targets in advance of many target dates.

- EU wants to boast profits for electric cars.

And there is much more happening as we write this invitation!

AMT covers everything in today’s modern era. We do so with the benefit of expert medical analysis & the latest insights on global sustainability and new best practices. Science and data underpin the entirety of our industry! We help you find beneficial ways for you and investors to use this information!

Send this message to the members of your team! Asset Managers Tech is a not for profit trade group serving all members of the investment management industry.

Have a nice day,

Joe Sack

President of Asset Managers Tech

Cell: 914-648-0088