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Asset Managers Tech: Current Agenda - October 2021

 AMT's full range of trade group activities
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1. Weekly Activities

Thursday Morning Zoom Presentations by AMT’s leadership & follow up dissemination of items discussed on these weekly Zoom sessions to industry members.

2. Medical Science, On-going Analysis of COVID–19 by Dr. Stanley Zaborowski.

Key items under consideration by AMT: what has the industry learned to date and what are the reasonable coronavirus predictions, supported by CDC data, for financial services firms in 2022.

3. Regulatory Priorities

SEC initiatives regarding ESG and Cryptocurrency which have been described by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler; a key issue is to what extent might SEC rulemaking affect asset managers’ rather extensive existing market driven ESG programs.

4. Climate Change

A top priority of Biden Administration & therefore a top priority for Investment Managers. COP26 will be closely observed by AMT.

Fed and Treasury are directly engaged in Climate Change. Private Sector activities have been initiated mostly by BlackRock thus far.

Using our COVID analytical blueprint, AMT has framed several CC issues based on medical considerations. We will be analyzing the many topics expected to be discussed by global leaders in November. AMT will continue to rely on Dr. Stan’s assessment of related medical issues as we frame broad CC policy matters for consideration by AMT members and other industry professionals.

We anticipate much new activity relative to the buy-side concerning Climate Change in 2022!

5. Education – As more policy issues land on AMT’s plate, we will be stepping up our meeting schedule and related video conferences. AMT’s professional staff, especially Xavier Touret, Director of Market Practices, will be our liaison with industry members to assure that AMT is effectively reaching and engaging those who value our modern era trade group services.

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Stay Safe!

Joe Sack

President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088