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Asset Managers Tech Zoom: "Modern Medical Science & Financial Services" today @ 9:00 am ET

The Importance of Modern Medical Science to the Investment Management Industry

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CLICK HERE to join AMT’s 10 minute Zoom presentation regarding “The Importance of Modern Medical Science to the Investment Management Industry”. We cordially welcome buy-side professionals to attend this morning’s presentation beginning at 9:00 am ET.

Joseph Sack, Head of Asset Managers Tech, will lay out what his trade group has discovered about "Modern Medical Science". AMT’s assessments are based on having conducted some 250 live Zoom meetings since the spring of 2020 regarding the effects of the pandemic on the investment management industry. These events were led by STANLEY ZABOROWSKI, M.D. Dr. Stan serves as AMT’s Medical Adviser.

Basically, while COVID in the U.S. may seem to be winding down to some folks, the fact of the matter is that our society’s effectiveness at dealing with the pandemic has commenced a new era in the Medical Industry. Accordingly, the advancements that likely lie ahead in medicine will thereby enable all folks in our country to benefit from many additional new drugs and medical treatments for decades to come.

AMT, of course, is also following regulatory matters that could affect ESG investment practices. AMT’s educational “discussions” on Zoom since 2020 have facilitated our recognition of the fact that science and medicine are indeed prolific. Our initial assessment is that current and forthcoming education regarding modern science and medicine (which indeed could include various ESG and Climate Change matters) seems like an essential foundation for subsequently developing disclosure guidelines for ESG investors.

Thanks to industry members for your interest and support,

With best regards,

Joe Sack, AMT Co-Founder

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