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Medical Science & the Investment Management Industry in 2022

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To AMT Participants,


CLICK HERE and you will have an opportunity to view our latest podcast on significant trends in the investment management industry.

Both Dr. Stan Zaborowski, our Medical Adviser, and AMT President Joe Sack appear together in this video. Dr. Stan is a Board certified Internist. He also previously served as Chief Medical Officer at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, NJ.

Dr. Stan’s current podcast remarks provide a plain English run down on all new viruses and the flu. This is a presentation that gives you up to date info on how best to deal with Omicron variants and the return of another Flu Season, you do not want to miss Stan’s take on these items!

This presentation will help instill confidence in your decisions about being at work & in regard to taking care of family or other loved ones! We know this to be the case as all AMT staff members have had this experience themselves.

Dr. Stan has been advising the industry in the manner described herein for the past three years & his remarks have been very pertinent to all folks who use our services, including investors age 50 and above. You can ask questions of Dr. Stan via phone, too; and we encourage group conference calls comprised of groups of 4 to 6 folks from one or several industry firms.

One key podcast point cited by me, Joe Sack, is the fact that dealing with modern medical science is now part of the job of a buy-side professional. This is true in terms of client contacts and in your personal lives. Everyone wants to be mindful of the safety of family members in these current times! And investors typically want you to show your firm is receptive to being up to date on medical science and climate science.

Finally, all investment management professionals are engaged in Climate Change, in one way or another. We are therefore pleased to provide our trade group services in this area regarding new industry Committees being formed for educational and/or advocacy purposes.

AMT, a not for profit entity, is also focused on regulatory concerns with regard to ESG as well as CDC pronouncements. So many new areas have recently emerged in our industry, including how UN conferences, for example, can be effective regarding advancing meaningful Climate Change goals.

We urge you to CLICK HERE & watch our podcast— and then feel free to call us regarding advancing industry educational initiatives in these new areas of the business.

Please give me a holler at iPhone 1-914-648-0088. AMT can help you and your colleagues regarding these newest trends in our industry!

With best regards,

Joe Sack, President, AMT