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We are pleased to present the following new format

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We are pleased to present the following new format:

Summary of AMT PRESENTATION on Zoom re: COVID and WORLDWIDE HEALTH CARE TRENDS August, 25, 2022.

ZOOM COMMENTATORS: Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., Medical Adviser, Asset Managers Tech & AMT President Joe Sack

Dr. Stan Zaborowski, AMT’s MEDICAL ADVISER, mentioned on our trade group’s 8/25/22 Zoom broadcast that “herd safety” reaches a great deal of folks age 65 and above concerning COVID-related matters right now. That is because many Seniors tend to have both natural immunity and vaccine immunity. So the U.S. is ahead of its original goals regarding achieving protection from coronavirus infection. And this applies to the latest variants and sub variants of COVID - 19.

Joe Sack, speaking for the AMT Staff, mentioned that Seniors have also benefitted from their ability to ask questions of other Doctors whom they see for other health care matters. These physicians have also sometimes advised such patients concerning things like the efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. In any event, a fairly large percentage of folks in the Senior age brackets have been vaccinated or are protected at this juncture. Some also may have received along the way various new drugs and/or treatments used to help eliminate any acquired COVID infections.

The above UPDATE frankly bodes well for Seniors concerning many health care matters. Education and the opportunity to speak with Doctors concerning Modern Medical Science is really important for Seniors and folks of all other age groups as so many significant Nations will hopefully soon be turning more attention to Climate Change.

We are fully aware at AMT that a variety of major movements involving many Nations are being designed to enhance the environment; and, therefore, the well-being of all Nations. So our bottom line is to suggest to the leading investment management firms that much is riding on the ability of all professionals to fully address the above topics. Thus, our trade group will remain focused on the steady and inevitable growth of Modern Medical Science as well as the environment.

Please CLICK HERE to view a replay of our 8/25/22 Zoom video in its entirety (approximately 15 minutes).

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