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Buy-side Zoom Meeting, Pandemic Update, Today, 8/18, 9:00 am to 9:10 am ET

Get ready for a few more changes to safeguard your employees re: the pandemic as we all return from summer down time & as children return to school!

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You’re invited! CLICK HERE to join our trade group ZOOM Meeting on 8/18 @ 9:00 am.

SUBJECT: Get ready for a few more changes to safeguard your employees re: the pandemic as we all return from summer down time & as children return to school!


ASSET MANAGERS TECH: Innovative Industry-wide Solutions

ASSET MANAGERS TECH, a not for profit trade group, provides daily INDUSTRY UPDATES on Zoom for its member firms and as a service to the entire investment management industry.

CLICK HERE to join our 10 minute Zoom session TODAY @ 9::00 am ET. This session will be directed and moderated by the AMT team of Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. and Joe Sack, AMT’s co-founder.

Dr. Stan and Joe will fill you in on CDC & FDA DEVELOPMENTS & breaking industry news, including our commentary on financial services regulation.


THE PANDEMIC HAS SIGNIFICANTLY. CHANGED THE INVESTMENT INDUSTRY. That’s because the process of containing coronavirus infection actually underscored the importance of Modern Medical Science in the 2020’s.

As a trade group, AMT maintains an open door policy; and we invite all buy-side professionals to our level playing field meetings — so they can generally discuss with their peers the unlimited beneficial opportunities that are emerging in this new era in the investment profession.

There is no better substitute for learning how the basics of the industry are being modernized than to directly share these new opportunities with fellow professionals at other firms. Each asset management firm has its own unique culture. So each firm is deciding upon its own approach to medical breakthroughs in our society, along with climate change and all other similar scientific occurrences that ultimate investors really care about. CLICK HERE to join our 10 minute Zoom session TODAY @ 9::00 am ET.



1) “MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE” is a major initiative at AMT due to the pandemic. In the year 2020, when the pandemic became a reality, AMT leaders quickly realized that new Modern Medical Science had become part and parcel of everyone’s lives. We were also able to understand how to deal with COVID, of course, thanks to the guidance being provided to AMT by Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. Dr. Stan, who has also instructed local officials in N.J. regarding COVID, keeps AMT members updated about safety in the workplace during these challenging times.

2) Fast forward to 2022, and proposed Federal, state and local government initiatives affecting the pandemic and members of AMT now include direct references to the pandemic, the relevance of health care in society and the nature of climate change in our society.

3) The U.S. Congress is also engaged in Modern Medical Science issues as legislators continue to debate COVID - 19 and take up very tangible climate change matters, including specifying major projects to employ to stop the deterioration of the environment.

4) The Ukraine War factors into Modern Medical Science and the safety of literally millions of people who are located in that country’s war zones or who have been fleeing their Ukrainian homeland.

AMT’s bottom line conclusion is that these major new developments in the world cannot be ignored. In fact, the totality of the events of the 2020’s thus far are clearly driving today’s social and medical priorities and many economic conditions. Equally important, these matters are clearly part of the reasoning and underlying rationale for the sweeping new regulatory proposals being put forth by the SEC and other agencies.. Accordingly, AMT is fully committed to organizing its trade group program so that its members and other industry professionals are in a position to better understand these new healthcare developments and events both individually and from an industry-wide standpoint.

The purpose of the above-stated Goals is to further engage all industry leaders in AMT’s novel activities to enhance the top priority policy initiatives of the Investment Management Industry.

Many thanks to those firms which are spreading the word regarding AMT,

With best regards,

Joe Sack, AMT President

iPhone: 1-914-648-0088


Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s Medical Adviser

iPhone: 1-973-884-0867