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COVID - Lessons Learned As of Spring, 2022 - An Asset Managers Tech Event

Join our 10 minute AMT Zoom Meeting – Today, Thursday, April 21st. at 9:00 am ET

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  Join our 10 minute AMT Zoom Meeting – Today, Thursday, April 21st. at 9:00 am ET – CLICK HERE

ASSET MANAGERS TECH (AMT)AMT is a trade group that works with investment firms & fosters the interests of investors. Assuming the pandemic becomes less taxing on all of us relatively soon, AMT’s Medical Adviser, Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., is looking forward to your current questions about COVID. In fact, we’ve been discussing pandemic matters on a weekly basis with a regular group of commentators since the outbreak of COVID in the U.S.    Here are the main categories of current inquiry from our commentators:  1) VACCINES / HOW EFFECTIVE HAVE THEY BEEN?  2) SOCIAL ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING PERSONAL ACTIVITIES AND WITH FAMILY MEMBERS / WILL THEY BE TOTALLY FUN-FILLED AGAIN?  3) COMING TO GRIPS WITH THE REALITY THAT ALL OF US WILL PROBABLY BE DEALING WITH COVID FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE / ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! ALSO, AN IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR INVESTORS, OF COURSE, IS WHETHER THEIR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS SHOULD ANTICIPATE ANY NEW REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS IN 2022. In connection with the above activities, AMT is looking forward to presenting “LESSONS LEARNED” FROM THE PANDEMIC. These Lessons Learned will be based in part on takeaways during 2020 & 2021 that stand out among our group of investors and constituents. Please feel free to share your ideas with us concerning this special AMT Initiative! We welcome the opportunity to hear about your “LESSONS LEARNED”! Thank you for your interest and support, With best regards, Joe Sack, Sr., AMT President iPhone 1-914-648-0088 – CLICK HERE