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Policy Update from Asset Managers Tech, Inc.

--- COVID --- SEC Regulation --- Climate Change & ESG --- Ukraine --- Fed Policy

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ASSET MANAGERS TECH, INC. ASSET MANAGERS TECH (AMT) IS A TRADE GROUP THAT CAN HELP YOUR FIRM ASSESS THE IMPACT OF THE FOLLOWING GLOBAL & NATIONAL POLICY MATTERS: --- COVID --- SEC Regulation --- Climate Change & ESG --- Ukraine --- Fed Policy ASSET MANAGERS TECH, INC. has taken on new challenges as a Trade Group: --- We tee up each day’s new policy & modern medical issues in plain English. --- Our objective is to help the buy-side harmonize investing and existential goals. --- AMT thereby works with investment managers on goals to foster investors’ interests.                                    ************************************ SPECIAL OFFER / WORK WITH US TODAY AND                       HELP AMT AS WE ALL ACHIEVE SUCCESS


Message from AMT President Joe Sack: Most folks in the industry know that I was involved in founding the Asset Managers Forum, which led to joint buy-side and sell-side industry initiatives beginning with Dodd Frank. Today’s mission is exceptionally unique, however. Time is clearly of the essence regarding the need for a specially focused investment management industry initiative concerning the unique challenges that we’ve referenced above! REACH OUT TO JOE SACK TODAY – text, 1-914-648-0088 or email, Thank you from Asset Managers Tech for your interest in these collective major policy matters affecting the Investment Management Industry!

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