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Dr. Zaborowski Presents Health Trends in 2024 on Zoom


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Welcome to HEALTH NEWS FOR SENIORS, a ten minute update that will focus today on Weight Loss Trends &
New Approaches being used by Medical Professionals to treat Liver Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, among other infections.

CLICK HERE and participate in our Zoom @ 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, Feb. 8th.

Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. will share his remarks on the above topics with those who attend this update on Zoom. Asset Managers Tech, a not for profit, has been providing information about healthcare since the pandemic began — replays of Dr. Stan’s remarks are also available upon request!

We have found that the best way to understand and learn from Dr. Stan and other leaders in medicine in the 2020’s - which is an ongoing endeavor - is to chat directly with these professionals and explore the trends, technologies,
and ideas that are currently reshaping the science of health.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Sack, Co-Founder of AMT

iPhone 1-914-648-0088

Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s Medical Adviser

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