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Helpful Information about Tech

ASSET MANAERS TECH is packed with helpful information, like this:

· buyside technology,asset managers tech,tech guidelines,Fintech
  • How many "narratives" a week should your traders and portfolio managers be having with their IT professionals about Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology
  • A handy chart that summarizes daily news about "modern technology", why investment managers are the linchpin in financial services
  • Why the buy-side C-suite is so important to helping technology developers come up with a cost efficient passive investing model.

LEARN MORE ABOUT MODERN TECHNOLOGY! Attend the Asset Managers Tech (AMT) "C-suite Technology Conference" on Thursday, October 24th, @ 888 Boylston Street, Boston, MA.

Contact Joe Sack of AMT to register, or text to 1-914-648-0088.


Conference open to senior executives in the asset management industry.



Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech