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How COVID Has Raised the Bar (in other areas) for Investment Management Professionals

Welcome to Today's (Feb. 24th) 8:30 am Live Zoom Presentation

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 Welcome to Asset Managers Tech, a Not For Profit Trade Group. Today’s live Zoom Meeting outlines some of the new realities facing Investment Management Professionals as we move from the pandemic to an endemic. And as we naturally design new ways to interact with co-workers and clients!

View the Tuesday, 2/24/22, @ 8:30 am ET to join our 20 minute Zoom session.

AMT’s Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, who serves as Medical Adviser to our organization, will commence our discussion by summarizing recent important medical science developments relating to COVID. AMT has been providing insights regarding the pandemic to our industry leaders at AMT Zoom meeting over the course of the past 22 months. Thank you, Dr. Stan! 

At this juncture, it is clear that COVID was the beginning of a new era on Wall Street. Thus, AMT has compiled the following list of New Industry-wide Services and Regulatory Policy Initiatives. Given our trade group status, these items are intended to benefit all market participants and generally enhance competition.

         --- “Pandemic Lessons Learned”


   --- Climate Change & its expansive program that is supported by Central Banks and by Corporate CEO’s being called upon by Larry Fink, for example, to meet meaningful CC standards. Also, the various roles being played by some trade groups, especially our own carefully developed AMT medical science commentary by Dr. Stan on the personal illnesses and afflictions that can hopefully be reduced to some extent by stepping up all CC programs, including EV development & maintaining disciplined ways to measure results of the larger movements around the world to control and reduce carbon emissions.


      --- WFH, we actually see this as a social issue and an equality issue especially vis-à-vis women in many jobs that involve a fair amount of individual work; further, the reduction in stress on the household could also be “medically correct.”

         --- And, finally, the future of business meetings. While it is true that people still need physical gatherings to cultivate relationships, AMT believes that as a trade group, it can sponsor “TALK” or “PANEL” SESSIONS, or even Exercise Classes led by a professional, or perhaps sessions on when and how to utilize Telemed Services. The impetus of these types of sessions is that they could possibly offset the sense of boredom that can be associated with too much in the way of Zoom business only usage. And, thus, to the extent that some virtual business must still be conducted on Zoom, there will be a sufficient level of acceptance of such meetings because remote meetings would also clearly be serving folks well regarding other matters that are essential, such as exercise Zoom sessions or straightforward but brief socialization among co-workers on a Zoom screen!

  The bottom line is we know from experience that Asset Managers Tech has an upbeat and meaningful story to tell to professionals in the Investment Management Industry – whether it is about global policy matters, or medical science in the 2020’s or helping to renew employee morale as new demands and opportunities take hold in our ever changing society!

We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions regarding the above!

Thanks in advance for joining our Zoom meetings & for your critique of these proposed trade group activities!

Stay Safe,


Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088