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Join AMT for our 4th Year Live on Tuesdays on Zoom

We guarantee upscale comments by “Executive Committee” members on Current Global Events

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CLICK HERE today, Tuesday, Feb. 14th, at 10:00 am ET! We guarantee upscale comments by “Executive Committee” members on Current Global Events along with an up to date compass on Modern Medical Science
thanks to the astute assessments of our Group’s Medical Adviser, Stanley Zaborowski, M.D.

We’ve chalked up 3 consecutive years bringing you live sessions on Zoom every Tuesday at 10:00 am ET.

Give yourself a pat on the back and get ready for expanded content as The PANEL kicks off its 4th year today, Tuesday, 2/14/23, with the following new format:

1) using knowledge gained from the pandemic to generate new healthcare opportunities;

2) delineating Climate Change not to frighten friends and relatives but to engender the spirit of "you’ve got this, World"; and

3) whether modern medical advancements can be more effectively shared with other folks around the globe whose economic status is an impediment to participating in opportunities that perhaps folks like ourselves take for granted.

Hope to see as many friends as we can engage real soon — our Zoom sessions are uniquely geared toward innovative people who’ve done good things to date for decades and we want to continue that winning streak!


Joe Sack, AMT’s President



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