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COVID Update: Virus generally Under Control as War Continues in Ukraine

Why not use Pandemic as a reason to End War in Ukraine?

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Why not use Pandemic as a reason to End War in Ukraine?

Here are three reasons to arrange a temporary cease fire now:

1) Supply Chain for Shipping Food to Africa - This is something that Russia and Ukraine do well. Neither country will be able to do so, however, if they need to focus on annihilating each other. In fact, if war continues, neither Russia nor Ukraine will be able to help anyone anytime soon!

2) Family Effects - At some point, Ukraine may be able to win the war & then realize their families are gone. That could be “gone forever“ because they’ve been separated from Ukraine so long that the emotional strain of moms
and kids going back to Ukraine to “resume a normal life” will have forever vanished.

3) European Union - NATO is already committed to being a new version of itself that will include the democracy of Ukraine by the middle of this decade. And this new Version of Europe will devote itself to noble goals such as higher standards of life, such as coping with climate change and promoting educational institutions that will produce medical and scientific professionals devoted to new discoveries in their respective fields for the betterment of mankind. But let’s face it: the war with Russia at this stage, if it needs to be continued, will likely sap the intellectual talent of both Europe and Russia as well.

AMT will provide a brief update regarding the status of COVID once again today on its weekly Zoom. Our speaker will be Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. whose clarity concerning the pandemic has been exceedingly helpful to AMT’s participants since May, 2020.

Following Dr. Stan’s presentation, the staff leadership of AMT will take a few minutes and determine whether there might be a more beneficial overall course of action for both Russia and Ukraine to contemplate at this juncture.

CLICK HERE and join us on Zoom at 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, February 16, 2023.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Joe Sack, Asset Managers Tech

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