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Join us tomorrow to Meet Colleagues & Discuss Implications of COVID - 19

The Forum @ AMT ("The Forum") is held on April 30th from 10 am ET

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To: My Dear Friends & Colleagues From: Joe Sack

THE FORUM @ AMT - Agenda: Initial ZOOM Meeting, tomorrow Thursday April 30, 2020, from 10:00 to 10:40 am ET

ZOOM link: CLICK HERE to Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 735 7122 2438

       The Forum @ AMT ("The Forum") is being organized for the benefit of individuals like us who, generally speaking, would like to learn more about new developments relating to the COVID - 19 pandemic. Forum members, in my view, will be folks who realize that their world, already subject to change by virtue of today's Technology, will now move into an even faster lane as everyone adheres to basic recommendations regarding coronavirus.

We feel participants in The Forum, especially those who have already had successful careers, will very likely agree that they can learn a lot about mitigating COVID & how to use new Technology by talking about these matters with their friends or colleagues. Indeed, we plan on offering virtual meetings to facilitate these kind of discussions.

With regard to all that seems headed our way due to the current crisis, The Forum is designed to be an organization that will facilitate the above-mentioned process of, "members learning from each other." The Forum, as an affiliate of Asset Managers Tech ("AMT" itself is a relatively new trade group), will support educational initiatives, send emails to Forum members, and summarize the objectives of the group.

Here are the discussion items for our initial ZOOM Meeting on April 30th:

-- Factual recap of March and April, 2020

-- When are we reasonably expected to get to the "New Normal"?

-- What will the New Normal be like, based on what we have been hearing? Is more sophisticated Tech (Cloud Computing or AI) going to be part of the New Normal? How should Forum participants and their family members get ready for all of this?

-- Finally, ideas on the best ways to put together a comprehensive agenda for future meetings. The staff of AMT is available to work on this.

ZOOM link: CLICK HERE to Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 735 7122 2438

Thanks for your interest in The Forum!

Please Be Safe,

Joe Sack, on behalf of The Forum

Cell: 914-648-0088