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Live Zoom @ 9:00 am today / Cancer Treatment & Drugs

Spend 10 minutes visiting with Stanley Zaborowski, M.D.

· cancer,Medical Science,Financial Industry

Please CLICK HERE at 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, June 1st. Spend 10 minutes visiting with Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. who is affiliated with Asset Managers Tech, our not for profit trade group.

— Dr. Stan will assess a potential near term shortage of drugs in connection with certain cancer treatments.What does this mean for employees in the financial services industry? What is being planned to address this situation?

— In addition, we will discuss a few developments relating to AI, including how artificial intelligence is applicable with regard to X-rays & thereupon the formation of new & innovative drugs.

— AMT’s Joe Sack will report on the latest stats from the CDC regarding RSV, as it affects both seniors and infants through maternal immunization.

In these times, it is encouraging to also note that corporations now run their own ads promoting health care in general. So much of today’s good PR has been precipitated by firms’ comfort levels with discussions of health care, having candidly addressed the pandemic starting in 2020.


Joe Sack, AMT President

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Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s Medical Adviser

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