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Long COVID Update + Combinations of AI & Medicine

Please CLICK HERE at nine o’clock sharp this morning to hear Dr. Stan’s comments

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Dear Colleagues of Asset Managers Tech,

We cordially invite you to join our Zoom update today, Thursday, May 25th, @ 9:00 am ET featuring remarks by Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. concerning 1) the status of long COVID and 2) several combinations of AI with medicine.

Please CLICK HERE at nine o’clock sharp this morning to hear Dr. Stan’s comments and raise any questions that you may have. Certainly, everyone is now talking about Artificial Intelligence, so we’ve added AI as a discussion topic at today’s Zoom get together.

AI is relevant to everyone’s continuing interests with regard to the medical profession. That’s because AI offers the possibility of advancing research regarding the development of new treatments for cancer, among other matters.

AMT is a not for profit entity that has been holding weekly meetings since April, 2020, regarding the ability of the U.S. to reduce quite substantially the spread of coronavirus within its own borders. The U.S., of course, is
also continuously pursuing opportunities to assist other nations regarding COVID matters.

A key item affecting AI is whether it should be subject to regulatory oversight. More to come, obviously, on this issue! Our goal now is to help folks as much as possible as they seek to acquire a comprehensive take on the
nature and potential benefits of AI.

Thanks for your interest and participation in AMT.


Joe Sack, Sr., AMT Co-founder

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Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s Medical Adviser

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