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On Zoom / Coronavirus / Update on Buy-side Industry Trends / 4-28-2020

Decide Which Trends Relate to Your Firm

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Decide Which Trends Relate to Your Firm - Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is covering all developments in the asset management industry tied to COVID -19.

Our 4/28/20 Zoom Session is open to senior managers at the leading investment managers! Register today! CLICK HERE And learn more about the relevance of these interrelated key topics:
- Guidelines for Working From Home
- Which departments will return to office first?
- Will building managers test employees?
- Status & effects of testing for coronavirus?
- What about the airlines, flying or not?
- Globally, any flare ups of COVID - 19?
- Any updates on timing of vaccine?
- Regulatory updates, we will provide insights.
- Obtain guidance on Tech & the New Normal
- Hear pivotal points on pandemic's impact
Presenters at this live session regarding the asset management industry & COVID- 19 to be announced.
This event on Tuesday, 4/28/20 @ 10 am ET, is being arranged by the leadership of AMT, including Joe Sack, President of AMT; George Marootian, EVP, Natixis Investment Managers; and Toby Lewis, CEO, Novum Insights.
Be well!
Asset Managers Tech