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Senior Forum @ Asset Managers Tech

We are pleased to announce the following new trade group initiative!

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SENIOR FORUM @ ASSET MANAGERS TECH / We are pleased to announce the following new trade group initiative!

       The Senior Forum @ Asset Managers Tech ("Seniors @Tech") is being formed in response to the COVID - 19 Pandemic. We are cordially inviting seniors (who are also investors) to participate in Seniors @ Tech. Most members will share a realization that the world is changing. And of course our trade group is certainly not a financial adviser; however, we feel a significant percentage of members would be interested in learning how to use newly available and more advanced Technology when reviewing their investment account statements, including those regarding IRAs.

       Seniors @Tech is intended to be a collegial and independent arm of our current not for profit trade group, whose participants include investment management firms. Our presumption is that many participants in Seniors @Tech would be generally aware of the fact that a fair number of people tend to learn about new Technology from friends or colleagues in their own age bracket. Basically, we are inviting you to join our group and improve your own quality of life by learning about Modern Tech at a time when it is equally essential to everyone.

       Whether you are a Boomer or a Millennial, you are responsible for your own due diligence when it comes to lifestyle changes in the 2020's. This has been borne out by the first quarter of this year! And it does not matter whether the changes you are facing relate to financial or personal matters. In fact, our trade group's investment management colleagues are currently dealing with the unique task of running their businesses by "Working From Home"!

      It is also quite apparent that the most difficult questions in our society are confronting us at this very moment. States and the Federal Government are preparing to reorder our health and economic priorities to "flatten the curve" in connection with our battle against coronavirus. This governmental thrust will determine the new normal in America. It is anticipated that these plans, quite possibly along with those of allied countries, will be driven to a large extent by new or modern Technology, whether it's a break through vaccine, or testing, or ways to maintain social distancing. We have already learned in "staying at home" that these conditions are forcing us to rely to a much greater extent on a digital lifestyle.

       Seniors @Tech members are part of a key segment of the world population. Imminent changes in society will affect members' housing requirements, recreation and exercise needs, gatherings with family and friends, travel and vacations, long term care, and of course the ability to maintain a level of financial security to afford all of these various lifestyle changes. At the risk of restating the obvious - all of the above, inevitably, are Tech-driven!

The Senior Forum @ Asset Managers Tech


The Senior Forum @ Asset Managers Tech

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