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Please Send Us Your COVID - 19 Questions!

here are more questions related to COVID – 19 than ever before

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Please Send Us Your COVID – 19 Questions! – There are more questions related to COVID – 19 than ever before. That’s because the vaccine phase which is now under way in the U.S. has raised hopes of a partial return to normalcy. The likelihood of reducing the spread of COVID – 19 certainly leads to questions about “herd immunity”. What are the data benchmarks that indicate whether we have stopped the spread of coronavirus in the U.S.? Will most financial services employees still be working from home? What about educational standards and schools – when will teachers be returning to the classroom full time?

What about financial markets themselves – how might the criteria for long term investment strategies change? Are investors factoring sustainability into their take on societies’ economic growth? Will Big Tech be regulated? Will asset management firms move more digital processing activities to the Cloud?

Will we see stricter investor protection regulations coming from the new Administration in Washington? How will any new financial industry legislation dovetail with the laws of other countries, most notably China? Will business travel resume in the near term for investment banking professionals? What about recruiting and training and relationship building in all major industries, when do they resume & how are they likely to change?

Our trade group, Asset Managers Tech, has produced some 30 Zoom presentations since last June regarding the Pandemic. We addressed the many issues concerning the creativity of our member firms and others regarding how their staffs and departments were able to utilize technology and adjust to working from home. We thought the end was in sight when the FDA recently issued “emergency use authorizations” for certain vaccines – not so, the next phase of COVID – 19 apparently involves broader challenges than those experienced thus far by the investment management industry!

Accordingly, Asset Managers Tech is employing a new tactic. Because the pace of adjustment will likely accelerate in 2021, AMT is asking its own member firms to delineate the major questions similar to those referenced above. Then, aided by the further input of professionals at industry firms, we will proceed to develop and share relevant suggested responses and continue to allow our trade group mechanisms to enhance this informational material. Equally important, we are pleased to announce that our very highly regarded medical adviser, Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, will continue to provide guidance to AMT regarding the underlying science that applies to COVID – 19. Dr. Zaborowski’s input has been indispensable in connection with our Zoom presentations to date. Indeed, AMT is fully aware that any informational material relating directly or indirectly to COVID – 19 trends must be reviewed by an experienced physician such as Dr. Stan.

PLEASE SEND ALL QUESTIONS TO JOE SACK @ or iPhone 914-648-0088 . Thanks for your outstanding cooperation!

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