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What are the "Hopes & Expectations" of Your Industry in 2021?

Here’s How You Can Help the Investment Management Industry!

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Here’s How You Can Help the Investment Management Industry! – There are more questions related to COVID – 19 right now than ever before. Will most financial services employees feel they are “on the road to normal” by mid-year? What about educational standards and schools – when will teachers be returning to the classroom full time? And with a new Administration in Washington, additional questions relating to the pandemic are already being articulated.

In a sentence or two, please let Asset Managers Tech know the “hopes and expectations” for the investment management industry for 2021.

Kindly respond to this request in an email to our trade group spokesperson, Joseph Sack Also, please be sure to include your current title and iPhone number. The more AMT hears from investment industry leaders, the more helpful we can be to all industry professionals!

Many Thanks & Stay Safe,

Asset Managers Tech (AMT)*

*AMT is a not for profit trade group.