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Status of Fighting in Gaza

Join us at 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, 11/30/23

· Gaza,War,Ukraine,Israel

CLICK HERE at 9:00 am ET today, Thursday, 11/30/23. Dr. Stanley Zaborowski and the Asset Managers Tech (AMT) trade group folks have been following the war in Gaza involving Israel and the various groups located on the West Bank in the Middle East.

The key question right now is Israel's choosing between war with a neighboring adversary (Hamas) versus accepting the return of its own people being held as hostages by Hamas. How can this choice be resolved? Dr. Stan will offer diverse alternatives for our consideration.

The above challenges have erupted in the midst of the war in Ukraine and political challenges in the U.S. itself.

The American people are also approaching the 2024 Presidential Election Year. Moreover, the U.S. is still trying to clarify its own border issues and how to sort out modern day distinctions concerning domestic and foreign policy issues.

AMT has successfully tackled COVID issues during the past several years - thanks to Dr. Stan’s leadership. We
have developed several unique ways of helping all interested folks to debate and hopefully resolve the challenging issues of the 21st Century.

Thanks for your input and participation in our Zoom sessions. Look forward to seeing you at nine o’clock this morning.


Joe Sack, Sr.

AMT Co-founder

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Stanley Zaborowski, M.D.

AMT’s Medical Adviser

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